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Leaving a Legacy behind is all my father ever wanted for his kids. In 1975 my father emigrated to the United States from the South Pacific. He was an adventurous and rebellious man. He came to America with only a 7th grade education and a small backpack of items. He was the black sheep of his large family. They all consisted of college graduates, teachers, doctors and professors. My father dropped out of school in the 7th grade to help support his many brothers and sisters through school. All, including my father, were powerful in moral character and aptitude and lived by a specific code of conduct. “Serve Others Consistently without expectation. Finish What You Start and be Honest with Everyone.”

I remember his concrete eaten hands. I remember the smell of cement on his clothes and him walking in at the end of the day. He always looked so tired and dirty. I remember feeling like he was always punishing himself.

“I always thought there has to be an easier way. In the end, I would learn it started out as support and survival but it turned into his mission.  It was all to leave his family behind his LEGACY.


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